Friday, August 12, 2011

The 2011 Chicago 3-Day in Pictures

The Chicago 3-Day has come and gone, and I just want to say thank you again to all of the friends who helped me reach my fundraising goal! I hope to have time to write about the event very soon, but since I intended to do so last year as well and never actually got around to it, I hope nobody holds their breath. At least for now you can experience the event through pictures and short, poorly shot videos! In case you can't see the videos from the blog, you can watch a larger version of the slideshow complete with videos here!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Honor and Memory Of

One week from right now, Amber and I will have finished 40 of our 60 miles in Chicago! We both took our final training walks this morning and are well prepared for the event. We are super excited as we start our packing and finish up all those last minute details.

One of those details is making a honorary/memorial list that we can display during the entire 60 miles of our walk. We want to make sure that everyone can see all the wonderful women we are walking in honor and in memory of!

We've compiled a list of breast cancer survivors who were honored by our donors' gifts, listed in the image below. I'm sure there are people who are still missing though, since I haven't yet specifically asked all of my wonderful donors who their gifts were in memory or honor of. Click on the image to zoom in!

If you see a loved one who is missing, please let me know by Tuesday, August 2. I need to get the list formatted and printed on Wednesday before we leave on Thursday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finished With Fundraising!

I've done a terrible job keeping my blog updated in the last few weeks, so now I have lots of stuff to report all in one post. First of all, we had a very successful fundraising event at our friend Danny's restaurant early last week. He is donating 25% of each person's bill who came in to Set'em Up Jack's last Tuesday evening specifically to support the 3-Day. We ended up having at least 40 people come in to eat and drink, and we ended up raising $250! He is such a great friend and so generous!

At the event I also got to meet some fellow 3-Day walkers who are taking a break from walking this year to be on the 3-Day crew--in Chicago! It was so nice of them to come all the way from KC just to meet me and support the cause. It will be great to see familiar faces when we get to lunch stops on the event!

Back to the subject of fundraising, although I was still several hundred dollars short of my goal as of the event last week, in the last seven days I've gotten TONS more donations. I hit my $2300 minimum on Saturday, and then hit my $2500 goal on Sunday! Once I share the money from the Jack's fundraiser with my teammate Amber, we will BOTH officially be finished, since she's only about two hundred dollars away from her minimum now! I'm so excited that we don't have to stress about our fundraising anymore!

With regard to training, I will admit I hadn't done more than a 10 mile day since the long 18/14 mile walks with Amber in Nebraska several weeks ago. It's just been so crazy hot here it was hard to get more than 8-10 miles in before it just got unbearable. Thankfully today's high was only supposed to be about 95, so after walking the dogs 3 miles at about 6 a.m., my friend Faith and I set out to walk about 6.5 miles from campus to my house, and then walk the 6.5 miles back to our cars on campus after a 15-20 minute break. It was hot and miserable by the time we finished at around 11, but we did it! I'm feeling fairly confident that I'll be okay with all of the walking in Chicago, and I'm feeling super thankful that the temperatures are as high there as they are in Lawrence!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fundraising and Training Update

I'm excited to report that it's been a terrific week for both training and fundraising! Chad and I just got back from a trip to Nebraska to visit our friends Jake and (my teammate) Amber, so Amber and I got to walk both a 14 mile and an 18 mile training walk together. Although our 18 miler was hot and Amber struggled with a few blisters, we survived and are feeling more prepared than ever for Chicago. We will be finishing up the 60 mile walk just one month from today!

Thankfully, Amber and I have both raised more than half of our total needed funds, thanks to the generosity of 48 donors between us. The fundraising really picked up for me last week, thanks in part to several brand new donors who saw my posts on Facebook. I'll reach my goal with just 30 more people making a $35 gift in the next 30 days! The end is definitely in sight!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fundraising Has Begun!

As I was sending out a few donation thank yous this morning I realized I hadn't actually updated my blog since starting my fundraising! I sent out my first fundraising emails a week ago to all of my wonderful repeat donors, and thankfully I've gotten several responses this first week. As always, Chad is worried that I don't have enough time to raise $2300, so now I'm on a mission to prove him wrong. :) In his defense, when I was looking back at my past years' fundraising totals today, I realized that I started my fundraising at least 3 weeks later than I did last year!

With that said, I feel like fundraising is still going okay. The event is a month from this weekend, and as of right now I need to average about $475 in donations in each of then next 4 weeks to reach my $2300 minimum. I think that's totally doable!

Breaking it down in another way, I need about 75 friends to make a $25 donation and I'll be finished. Since I have over 400 friends on Facebook, I'm hopeful that just a handful of them will step up and give me just $25. If I can get just five or so $100 donors in there (last year I had 14 people who gave $100+), then I'll only need about 55 of those $25 donors. Again--totally doable in the next four weeks! I might just have to work a little harder and be a little more persistent than I have in the past! If you'd like to avoid my persistence and haven't given yet this year, click here to make your donation now! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicago--Here We Come!

Clearly I failed to blog the details of DC last season, but that's not going to stop me from reopening the 3-Day blog for 2011! I'm so excited about the 3-Day this year, as I will be walking in Chicago with my good friend Amber in only 11 weeks! Amber has been a loyal 3-Day supporter and training partner for the last several years, and I could not be more thrilled that she decided to join my team. Jayhawks for Jugs will once again be a team of only two (apparently recruiting is not my strong suit), but it's the quality of teammates that counts to me and not the quantity! We are going to have a fantastic time!

The Chicago event is the first weekend in August, so I need to get on the ball with my fundraising, which I haven't exactly started yet. I have started training though--I walked 6 miles on Saturday and another 4 today. This weekend I'm planning to do 8/6 on Saturday/Sunday. I've created a 12 week training schedule here if you'd like to follow along with our team!

I'll be sending out my solicitation emails soon, but until then, if you'd like to get me started on my fundraising, feel free to click the donate button on the left!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 3-Day Pictures

Enjoy the pictures from this year's 3-Day in Washington, DC! Check back soon for more details about the event!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Memorial List

As many of my supporters probably remember, each year when I walk in the 3-Day I wear a list of the names of the breast cancer survivors who I'm walking in memory and in honor of, as seen in this picture from the 3-Day in 2007. This year is no different, and over the weekend I started putting my list together and getting it formatted with my updated team logo. I want to make sure that all of my supporters have the opportunity to add the name of their loved one to my list as well, so I'm posting the draft here before printing it out on Wednesday afternoon before my flight. If you don't see your loved one or yourself on the list, please let me know by Wednesday morning! Click on the image to zoom in!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


The last several weekends I've fully intended to post an update about how my training has been going, but unfortunately I've been spending so much time walking I've had no time for blogging! My training has been going really well thanks to a ton of supportive friends. After sending out an email asking for friends who'd be interested in walking shorter portions of my long walks with me, I had so much interest I had to set up a walking schedule online. I set my office as my home base and mapped out several 4 mile loops around the location on, and then downloaded their free app so that I'd have the maps with me when I walked. My friends met me at my office (most of the time--on occasion I'd walk or drive to their house) and we'd take a 4 mile loop around the building and then when we got back another friend would be waiting. It worked out great and was so helpful keeping me motivated. I worked my way up to 18 miles last Saturday and another 14 on Sunday, but yesterday when I was supposed to d0 10 more, I actually spent most of the day in bed! Sickness has sidelined me on my last training weekend, but I figured that getting myself healthy before leaving on Wednesday was probably more important than walking!

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends who've walked with me over the last 5 weeks: LaRisa (who actually did 8 miles one day!), Amanda, Jenna, Leigh Ann, Beth, Robyn, Kristin, Cara, Megan and my dear husband Chad, who walked 5 miles with me one more when I had no other walking partners!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fundraising Finish!

Today I reached my fund raising goal of $2500, with a full month until the event! Rather fittingly, the gift that put me over the top was from my dear mother--the person who inspired me to walk in the first place! Thanks to everyone who has so graciously and generously donated to support me this year. I've had lots of new donors and lots of donors who've given for many years, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fundraising Update

I really had every intention of posting an update sooner than this! Right about the time I hit the 50% point would have been a good time, but then 50% came and went so quickly I just didn't find the time. As of this evening I'm at 83% of my $2500 goal, so clearly fundraising is going very well! That's not even counting the few verbal commitments I've gotten and a check that came in the mail that I have yet to deposit. I think I'll be able to finish by the end of the month!

My dad is also well on his way to his $2500 goal. He sent out his first fundraising email earlier today and has already gotten $225 in return. I'm sure his friends and family will be quick to donate since Dad's ambition is so incredibly impressive!

I may be slightly ahead of my dad with regard to fundraising, but he certainly has me beat in the training arena. I need to get out this weekend and walk! I'm hoping to get a 10 mile walk in before I go volunteer on Saturday morning, so I'm crossing my fingers for good weather!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 3-Day Season

The 2010 3-Day season is almost here! The first of the 15 events of 2010 kicks off in Boston next weekend, so I figured I should probably get the 2010 3-Day blog season kicked off as well! Thank you for reading and thank you for your ongoing support.

This year I'll be participating in the 3-Day event in Washington, DC during the second weekend in October. Thankfully, I didn't have to search very long for a teammate this time around, since my ambitious and determined dad decided that he wanted to walk along with me! We'll be celebrating Dad's 70th birthday just a few weeks early in our nation's historic capital. Dad is following the 16-week training schedule pretty closely and finished his 8 mile training walk yesterday without any problem. I'm so proud of him and really looking forward to spending the weekend with him in DC!

I haven't started formally training this year, although I joined some Boston walkers from Lawrence for 14 and 18 miles training walks recently, even though I hadn't done any training prior to that 14 miles! I was really amazed at how easily I was able to complete those walks, which has made me realize I definitely don't need to do much training until September!

I haven't officially started my fundraising yet either, but hopefully within the next few weeks I'll be sending out emails to all of my past supporters. If you'd like to make a donation towards my $2500 goal before then, please check out my 3-Day fundraising page here. I only need 100 friends to give me $25 and I'll be set!

Thanks again for your support! I hope you'll check back soon for updates!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The weekend was a big success, so thank you to everyone who helped send me to Dallas this year. I managed the sixty miles pretty easily with very little back pain and absolutely no blisters. It was great! I hope to write more about it in the near future, but for now, enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!!

I'm 99% packed this morning, and all that's left to do is walk the dogs before we leave. I'm so excited! Just 24 hours from now I'll be starting out on my 60 miles! Last weekend I was able to complete 10 miles Saturday and 10 miles Sunday without any problems at all, so I'm hopeful that my back will hold up for 3 times that amount if I take care of it this weekend. I've packed lots of icy hot patches, ice packs, ibuprofen and all-natural muscle relaxers, so I think I'm all set! I finished up my memorial list and ironed it onto a little banner to wear on my waist pack. Now everyone will see who I'm walking for when I pass them! ;)

When I registered a few weeks ago I thought I would be going to Dallas without knowing a soul. Now that Brandy and I are planning to tent and walk together, I'm sure the event will be tons more fun. Did I mention I was excited??

I won't have access to any blogging while I'm away, so my reports on the event will have to wait until next week. Thanks to everyone for your loyal support that has enabled me to participate in this wonderful event!